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Apology Time

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 16, 2005

I made some comments in this post that were inappropriate, and I officially aoplogise to Brian O’Brien, the WZNN station advertisers, and listeners.

Update I can’t get the stupid link to work…go to the October 4th post just a couple of posts down.

I also apologised in the comments section of that post when I came across it yesterday while at the library, and will send Brian a personal email along these lines.

I still miss The Bill Fishburne Show. I have listened to Bill for a few years now, and hope to be able to again. I’d really like to see him start a blog.

The show that replaced Bill’s is hosted by Brian O’Brien and is called Top of The Morning on WZNN. And yes, I do listen, despite my harsh words written earlier. Brian can’t fill Bill’s shoes, he has his own pair.

I still wanna be mad at somebody besides terrorists, any ideas?

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Tropical Depression #24 likely to strengthen

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 16, 2005

Later today or tomorrow, TD#24 will likely become Tropical Storm Wilma, tying the record set in 1933. Then after that would come a storm named Alpha. I can already hear the enviro-whackos lecture us about global warming as they ride aroung in their SUVs yakkin’ on their cellphones. Enough yakkin’ from me for now, here are some links to keep a watch on the storm a brewing down south.

Check here

Why type all that info again? Especially since cut-n-paste is still a mystery to me!!!

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