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General Musings

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 1, 2005

General Musings

Friday was one of those days that went on and on and on, but I had fun doing it. For we had an emergency at work!

The day started off well. My first duties were to assist the moving of several sections of 8” water pipes from one place to another, then moving all the associated connectors, water meter boxes, etc to the same area, and perform a general cleanup.

Then, I was to assist in the placing of a water line across the main drag of the subdivision—before any turn offs—so, all traffic had to pas by our work area. The plan was to do one half, then place the pipe in, cover it up 6” at a time, pack it (my job), then repeat on the other side. That was the plan. However, not all plans survive contact with the enemy. Our enemy was a phone line (300 pairs) located where it was not indicated by orange spray painted lines provided by the phone company, who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are appropriately enough wait for, b.s. enough said.

The digging was put off until after lunch, during which I played around with my new grinding s350 field radio. One comment up front>>>> its am broadcast band reception sucks. I guess I should have read more about that aspect, which is very important to me.

On the shortwave bands it performed well. I was pleased with the reception of a number of stations, some of them even in English. My Mexican co-workers appreciated hearing some Spanish stations. A Spanish numbers station really puzzled them as to why someone would broadcast numbers. I found a station broadcasting from Cuba, and was surprised that they all laughed and told me that Fidel castor was a bad man, which warmed the cockles of my conservative heart to the core. They said all he told were lies and he made everybody but his friends poor.   Wow.   As Laura Ingram’s call screeners want callers to do, they got to the bottom line point, better even than most pundits out there.

While the track hoe dug out the first half of the road, I flagged traffic. This allowed me to listen to the radio, which I don’t always get to do when working around big equipment. I listened to the Danny Fontana show on wznn-am. As usual, I was entertained. Danny and his wife, Mary, were discussing bill Bennett’s unfortunate remarks that were taken to task by the legacy media.
Danny thought that bill was right to a certain extent, and Mary thought he shouldn’t have said them. Before I realized what was happening, I had called in and got through. First time attempt on that show and made it to the call screener, which I believe was their son, Casey. I was put on the air and I stated that I agreed with what Bill Bennet said, and added that most people who abort children are (would be) single parents, and statistics show that more criminals come from that demographic as opposed to two parents, so that is an unfortunate bonus of abortion, which is murder.

Danny got a kick out of it, but I don’t think Mary did. I also said that bill was courageous because he said what he said despite the coming liberal (legacy) media firestorm. It didn’t occur to me then that he could’ve not thought about what he said. Anyway, I put forth that we shouldn’t allow the liberal media take words out of our mouths before we even say them. That, I believe, is a form of censorship where we do their work for them. My thoughts weren’t quite that coherent, but that is the main gist of my points.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the phone line was found by the track hoe and rather nicely broken. This brought all work to a halt. I ended up directing traffic for longer than initially planned, and never did get to operate the whacker packer (maybe Monday). The guy from the phone company showed up, and he got to work. I occasionally snuck over and watched, impressed with his speed as he matched all those tiny little color coded wires to their mates across the way.

On the radio, “the history guy”, also on WZNN, was a best of show. I hope Dr. Forstchen is okay. I really enjoy his show and probably shouldn’t call in nearly every week. Only when I have a really cogent point to make. Yeah, right.

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